Memories and Traces

This weekend I went up to New York to see Memories and Traces, my friend Perla Krauze’s show at the Howard Scott Gallery.  Perla’s work is beautiful, and the recent paintings on view at Howard Scott are evocative and compelling.  Her work has a dimensional quality in person that is impossible to capture in photographs.  There are textures and layers of color that lend each piece a distinct emotional landscape.

Because I’ve had the unique good fortune of visiting Perla’s studio during a residency this fall, I know how organic her process is, and the way she interacts with place.  There is so much that echoes through in the finished pieces.  If you’re near New York between now and June 22nd, you owe it to yourself to stop by the Howard Scott Gallery to see this show.

All paintings by Perla Krauze.  Images courtesy of the Howard Scott Gallery.


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