Instructions for Audio Learners

Back in May I shared a sneak preview of my new-media writing project.  I’m excited to report that the final piece has been released over at Carroll und Klinger.  You can check out my edition of Instructions for Audio Learners here!

The concept behind the series is incredibly cool.  John Carroll and Nick Klinger invited a group of writers to create audio versions of IKEA’s instruction manuals.  The series is sharp and fun and invariably hilarious.  It was an absolute honor to be a part of — though I will now never, under any circumstances, own or participate in Markor Buffet assembly.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series, which features some seriously funny writers.  John’s piece came out last week, and it’s just about the best thing I’ve heard in 2014.


My friend John and I recently collaborated on a cool new-media writing project he’s working on over at Carroll und Klinger.  John is one of the funniest, most innovative writers I know, so I’m very excited to be included in this new project.  It won’t come out until later next month, but here’s a sneak preview.  Can’t wait to share the results!