Eureka Birds @ Stoop

Last Monday, I got to see my colleague Dan’s band Eureka Birds at CenterStage as part of Baltimore’s legendary Stoop storytelling series.  Eureka Birds, with their ethereal, upbeat sound and occasionally gritty lyrics, were a perfect fit for the evening’s “That’s Incredible” ghostly storytelling theme.  If you missed the evening, last week Baltimore’s NPR rebroadcast the alternately hilarious and surreal story by physicatric nurse Matt Manning.

Eureka Birds are well-versed in this particular combination of lighthearted macabre.  Several tracks off their  albums follow in the long tradition of the American murder song, including “Baby’s Got a Blade,” the first track on their latest album, Strangers.

For those in Baltimore who missed the show last week, Eureka Birds will be at Metro Gallery tonight with She Keeps Bees.  And for everyone else: a few months ago they released a fantastic new video by Dreambear for their track “Fastest.”  Check it out — it really captures the dynamic energy of their latest album.


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