Listening Lately – Favorite Poems

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I couldn’t resist sharing this amazing series of short videos made for former-poet laureate Robert Pinsky’s Favorite Poem Project.  I’ve known about Pinsky’s project for years now (he’s a fellow Rutgers alum!), but I didn’t know about the videos until my friend Joan mentioned them last month.  I’ve been slowly making my through the archives ever since.

These short videos feature a range of people reading and talking about poems they love.

Their stories about the poems are often deeply moving.  And just listening to them read, I frequently find a new appreciation for the poems.  I especially like listening to Alexander Scherr’s reading of Elizabeth Bishop’s “At the Fishhouses.”  (But then again, I’m likely to be drawn to anything by Bishop.)

Which Favorite Poem video is your favorite?


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