Hi, Bob

A few years ago my husband and I watched most of The Bob Newhart Show on Netflix.  I love the show’s subtle, slow-burn humor and think Bob Newhart is hilarious.  I’m also drawn to the particular aspect of the 1970s it portrays.  Partly because, for me, it feels like glimpsing a key moment in my parents’ lives.  A moment when they, like Bob and Emily, were close to my age.  Established in their careers.  Carving out their adult lives, their equitable, modern marriages.

On the brink of realizing the previous decade’s promises.

Lately we’ve been catching old episodes airing on TV once in a while.  While the characters are pretty different from my parents (my mother was much more progressive than Emily), the show evokes something of that time that feels resonant.

p.s. Have you ever played “Hi, Bob”?  My husband and I have been!


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