House of India

Back in 2009, just a few months after we moved to town, we bought a used car from someone nearby.  We got chatting with the guy about local restaurants, and he suggested that we try House of India in Columbia.  We went there for dinner that very night and haven’t looked back since.  It’s become one of our all-time favorite restaurants.

In the intervening three years, we’ve brought every member of our families and most of our friends to House of India for dinner or the buffet at lunch.  So we were very excited to discover that somehow or other we hadn’t managed to bring our dear friends L&D yet.  The four of us went for lunch a few weeks ago, and as always House of India impressed.  I grew up eating at some pretty terrific Indian restaurants in New Jersey, and House of India is every bit as good or better than the best of them.  The chef has even cooked for Bill Clinton.  For my Maryland readers, I’d highly recommend giving House of India a try.


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