Every so often, my husband and I wind up with a stack of old, half-finished magazines.  Recently, I’ve been trying to read through a few back issues every week.  But finally today I admitted defeat.  I always feel a little bit guilty recycling magazines I haven’t finished: it seems like such a waste of paper.  And I figure there was probably an interesting article in there somewhere.

But I brought a big pile out to the recycling bin this afternoon, getting rid of all but the three most recent issues of each.  And I have to say: all that empty space on my bedside table feels like such a relief.

Does anyone else feel bad about recycling unread magazines?  How do you cope with a growing magazine pile?


2 thoughts on “Magazines

  1. Compromise I make when going through old magazines: looking at the Table of Contents of each issue I want to recycle. If I see an article that catches my eye, I find a way to save it — either a web service like Instapaper, or just tearing the article out. (I’ll even go the extra step and scan it if I want to make a clean break from that stack of paper.)

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