Chestertown, on the Eastern Shore, is one of my favorite places in Maryland.  We went for the first time last summer, and have decided to make it an annual trek.  This year we only had time for a short overnight, but the twenty-two hours we spent there were among the most relaxing and restorative of the summer.

Our historic B&B had gorgeous views of a small pond and local farmland.  We read / napped in a nearby hammock, and then settled into the Adirondack chairs just in time to watch a blue heron land by the pond.

The Harbor Shack in Rock Hall, where we had dinner, had a live classic rock band playing that night.

Jim, our B&B owner, informed us that the Harbor Shack is the local alternative to some of the more touristy restaurants nearby.  That certainly seemed to be the case: though the restaurant was packed, most of the people there were chatting and hopping tables and shaking hands, which gave the place a nice community vibe.  We closed out our night dancing with the crowd on a dock over the harbor.

While we were up there, we checked out Chestertown’s famous craft and farmer’s market (I’ll have to post about some of our purchases another time) and then stopped for some awesome bread before we left town.

I’m already looking forward to next summer.


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