Listening Lately

Until this summer I had never discovered the full extent of the “This I Believe” radio essay series.  (Though I think I’d caught a few of the  essays on the radio over the years.)  The series features famous and everyday people talking about the personal philosophies and core beliefs that have informed their lives.  It first aired in the 1950s, and has since been revived as a regular series on NPR, so there is quite an extensive and impressive archive of these programs to listen to.

Click Photo to Listen to “This I Believe”

I finally stumbled on this gem thanks to my friend Jen, who suggested it as a teaching resource.  Since then, I’ve been keeping a “This I Believe” CD in my car, and listening to other essays online.  In the middle of such a busy summer, the essays have been a godsend: keeping my eye above the horizon of the day-to-day.  They’re like five-minute respites.


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