Commencement Speech Season

I always enjoy commencement speech season.  Probably because I love any excuse to listen to smart, interesting, insightful people talk about life.

At the job I had during my twenties, I hosted interviews on our local television channel.  My favorite was the series where I got to interview people about their lives.  It was such a gift to be able to ask people questions: about how they moved from one part of their lives to another, what they’d learned, how they saw themselves and their choices.  Especially in my early – mid-twenties, when I had so many decisions to make about where I was going in my own life.

I actually really love (and miss) interviewing people.

I’ve gotten hooked on Amanda de Cadenet’s new interview series “The Conversation” because her guests often say such interesting things about their lives.  And because her guests tend to be creative (actors, designers, etc), they also sometimes say interesting and helpful things about what it’s like to pursue an artistic life.

Which brings me to one of my favorite commencement speeches from this graduation season.  Neil Gaiman at the University of the Arts this spring:

Such useful, helpful advice — so much of which resonated with me.  I hope you find it helpful and interesting, too.

Are there any graduation speeches or interviews you especially like?  Please share them in the comments — I’d love some recommendations.


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