It’s in the Bag

I have a travel dilemma I’m hoping to resolve.  We travel by plane frequently, and I always carry my luggage on.  For my personal item, I bring a backpack: it has a padded pocket for a small laptop; it’s practical for day trips and hikes while we’re away; and when it comes to packing and maneuvering through the airport, it has enough room to hold extras (toiletries, books, etc) in an organized way.

But once we get to our destination, I also need a day-to-day purse.  It has to be big enough to hold my camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, and all the other miscellaneous items I like to carry when I travel.  But it also has to be small–or flexible–enough to stuff in my backpack for the plane ride.

On our last trip, my stylish friend S. lent me a nylon tote, which folded into a neat, compact bundle for easy airport stashing, and was big enough for all my gear once we arrived.  Now I’m wondering if I should cave and purchase something like this for myself.

First I thought I’d ask you all: what do you use for a purse when you travel?  Any suggestions for a packable handbag?


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