Low-key Polish

This Bamboo Bruna Clutch from Calypso St. Barth is so pretty, and perfect for a relaxed but polished summer look.  I’ve been admiring it for a couple months now, but, alas, it’s out of my price range for a seasonal clutch.  (And I think it might be sold out now anyway.)

I sometimes find clutches challenging.  My camera doesn’t fit in most of them, and I don’t like to leave it behind.  So half the time I wind up leaving my clutches at home and bringing a larger but less glamorous handbag.  I suppose this could be one argument in favor of an iPhone, but I’m not ready to take that plunge.

Meanwhile, I can continue to drool over this gorgeous bamboo bag.  Wouldn’t it look great with just about anything?  I can see it lending a relaxed, artistic flair to a more formal navy or coral dress, or creating a sense of polish and sophistication paired with a gauzy white sundress, or casual linen shorts.


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