Fresh Flowers

We bought fresh flowers this spring for a party we hosted, and now we’re hooked.  We’ve been picking up a bunch every so often ever since then.  They somehow change the feel of the whole room.

I recently had a conversation with some friends about our favorite colors.  As kids, favorite colors are a frequent topic of conversation — and usually established at the beginning of a new friendship.  But among these women I met in my late twenties, the topic had never come up.  I’ve found that my favorite color is pretty context-specific.  (For clothes, I’d pick blues and greens.  I love a yellow bedroom.  And our front garden looks great with rich pinks.)  When it comes to cut flowers, I think the color of these tulips has to be my favorite.

What simple things have you done to change your space?  Does anyone else have favorite colors that are context specific?


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