A Different Angle

I recently finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s superb collection of essays, What the Dog Saw.  I picked up a copy somewhat randomly from my favorite bookstore (yes, the same one where I picked up these two books — also on a whim.)

I enjoyed reading this collection right from the start: I found many of the essays to be deeply thought-provoking.  Gladwell’s essays always ask you to look at the world from another angle — whether it be unearthing the intricate appeal of classic ketchup or parsing the difference between panicking and choking.  Yet Gladwell’s writing never gets bogged down in abstraction.  No matter his subject, his prose engages.  The collection is both rigorous and pleasurable.

In fact, I liked it so much, that I now have two other Malcolm Gladwell books on my night table.

Have any of you finally gotten around to reading a book that you’ve been hearing about for ages?  Anyone plowing through several books by the same author?


2 thoughts on “A Different Angle

  1. Just finished ‘A Writer at War’ by Vasily Grossman. I read it while reading quite a few other books, but because of its structure, it wasn’t a problem. Good read!

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