Piece of Cake

Before my graduation, my husband and I hosted lunch at our house for our families.  We originally planned to order a custom cake, complete with frosting decorations.  But here’s the secret: I don’t really like cake that much.  (In fact, we didn’t even have a traditional cake at our wedding.)

So we wound up picking up this mousse cake instead. But of course, the mousse cake didn’t look like it had much to do with a graduation.  No messages spelled out in frosting, or fondant graduation caps and diplomas.  I didn’t want anything that elaborate anyway.  So a few minutes before everyone arrived, I made this simple banner to go on top of the cake.  I just used some creamy cardstock I had on hand and a bamboo skewer (cut down to size).

Ordinarily I can be kind of a perfectionist about these things, but in this case, I just cut out the shape freehand and wrote the message with a Sharpie.

Simple and fast.  And the mousse was delicious!


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